Being Carnot

A Carnot institute is a public research structure certified by the French Ministry of Research after highly-selective calls for applications. The Carnot label was created in 2006 and ISIFoR was certified in 2011.

A network of excellence

Each Carnot institute makes extensive commitments to develop its R&D activities to foster corporate innovation (SME, middle-market companies and large companies) and regular assessments are run to make sure that the 37 Carnot institutes and the 2 Carnot on a 18-month probationary period respect the requirements imposed by the Carnot certification. In return, they receive financial support calculated on the volume of their partnership activities, to help them perform the actions they consider essential for meeting these commitments.

The network of Carnot institutes is federated by the Carnot institutes Association (Ai Carnot), responsible for spearheading and promoting network actions.

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