Friday October 23rd, 2020

Focus on the summer school “Energies transitions: innovations, governances and companies”

As scheduled, the summer school “Energies transitions: innovations, governance and companies” took place from August, 30 to September, 4 at the Institut d’études politiques de Bordeaux. The 2019 edition was a success and the 2020 opus has not disapointed: it was organized by the University of Pau and Adour countries (Isabelle Moretti, Louis de Fontenelle and Xavier Arnauld De Sartre) and the IEP of Bordeaux (Hubert Delzangles et Sylvain Roche) with both the support of the chairs Teen and Trent and the participation of Bernard Blez.

The event gathered around 30 attendees of different nationalities, countries and ages: 1/4 worked in the energy sector or the territorial policies, 1/2 was made up of young PhD students or post-doctoral researchers working in this field (from the technological, geographic or legal sides) and the last quarter was represented by students in their second year of a Master in this area.

The days were divided into presentations, case studies, meetings and even a visit of a market garden which handles its own home-built biogas plant.

This way, the new energy mix was approached from many angles: the technologies that are, or not, adaptated to the territories, the law that allows, or not, its implementation, and the role of the stakeholders who want, or not, assimilate it.

The participants left the summer school with the urge to publish and to set up a 2021 edition.