Thursday August 1st, 2019

The “Seismic Unix” summer school summed up in a few words

The « Seismic Unix » summer school dedicated to the software of the same name* took place in Pau from July 8 to 19, 2019 and gathered 17 attendees over two weeks and coming from 7 different countries (the USA, Spain, Turkey, India, Italy, Great Britain and France).

The audience was very heterogeneous: some discovered the software while others were experienced users. In fact, some participants were PhD students with problems they didn’ t succeed to address with industrial softwares whereas some others were  freelance consultants or professors-researchers looking for a cheap and robust software able to deal with 2D seismic surveys and geological radar.

This summer school was the opportunity to get Seismic Unix back on track few months after its development stopped. A new website is from now on the entry point of the software, its case studies and documentation and available to the entire world:

* Seismic Unix is a free software offering more than 450 tools and additional devices of seismic processing. It has been supported by the Colorado School of Mines until 2018.